Haemostatic Drugs

Drugs that can accelerate the clotting process, shorten the clotting time, or enhance the convergence and sorption so as to stop internal and external hemorrhage, are collectively referred to as hemostatic.

Haemostatic Drugs is mainly applied to hemoptysis, hematemesis, epistaxis, hematochezia, hematuria, uterine bleeding, purpura and bruises and other bleeding accidents. If bleeding is stopped timely and effectively, circulatory failure caused by excessive bleeding can be avoided. Therefore, hemostatic drugs are of great significance especially in the field of trauma care.

The application of hemostatic drug must be based on the causes and specific symptoms of bleeding. In order to obtain satisfactory hemostatic effect, hemostatic drugs of appropriate efficacy along with the appropriate compatibility must be carefully selected according to the overall situations. According to the different effects, hemostatic drugs can be generally divided into drugs cooling blood to stop bleeding, drugs removing stasis to stop bleeding, drugs converging bleeding, drugs warming vagina to stop bleeding.

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