Desulfurizer is the agent to remove free sulfur or sulfur compounds from fuel, raw materials or other materials. In the control or treatment of pollutants, it in mainly refers to agents used to remove sulfur oxides (including SO2 and SO3) in the exhaust gas. Various basic compounds can be used as a desulfurizer. Desulfurizer used in removal of sulfur dioxide in flue gas the most inexpensive lime, limestone and calcareous alkaline solution. Desulfurizer can absorb most of the sulfur dioxide in flue gas before discharge. It can be used for lime spray absorption or incorporated directly into pulverized coal solid lime powder and injected into the burner to fix the sulfide into fuel residue. Chemical plants, smelters and others often use sodium carbonate, an alkaline solution of aluminum sulfate, both of which can be recycled after desorption, as desulfurizer in the treatment of exhaust gas containing sulfur dioxide.

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