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Aluminum nitride

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Products Intro: Product Name:aluminum nitride
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Products Intro: Product Name:Aluminum nitride
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Products Intro: CAS:24304-00-5
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Products Intro: Product Name:Aluminum nitride
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Products Intro: Product Name:aluminium nitride
Purity:99% Package:5KG;1KG Remarks:AlH2N

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  • aluminum nitride
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  • CAS:24304-00-5
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Aluminum nitride Basic information
Physical Properties Reactions
Product Name:Aluminum nitride
Product Categories:13: Al;Ceramics;Materials Science;Nanomaterials;Nanoparticles: Oxides, Nitrides, and Other CeramicsMetal and Ceramic Science;Nanopowders and Nanoparticle Dispersions;-;Inorganics;metal nitride;NitridesNanomaterials;Metal and Ceramic Science;Nitrides
Mol File:24304-00-5.mol
Aluminum nitride Structure
Aluminum nitride Chemical Properties
Melting point >2200 °C(lit.)
density 3.26 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
RTECS BD1055000
solubility Soluble in mineral acids.
form powder
Specific Gravity3.26
color White to pale yellow
Water Solubility MAY DECOMPOSE
Sensitive Moisture Sensitive
Merck 14,353
CAS DataBase Reference24304-00-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry ReferenceAluminum nitride(24304-00-5)
EPA Substance Registry SystemAluminum nitride (AlN)(24304-00-5)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes Xi,C
Risk Statements 36/37/38-34
Safety Statements 26-37/39-45-36/37/39
WGK Germany 3
HazardClass 4.1
PackingGroup II
HS Code 28500090
MSDS Information
Aluminum nitride English
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Aluminum nitride Usage And Synthesis
Physical PropertiesWhite crystalline solid, hexagonal; odor of ammonia in moist air; sublimes at 2000°C; melts in N2 atmosphere over 2200°C; decomposes in water, alkalies and acids.
ReactionsThe nitride reacts with water forming aluminum hydroxide and ammonia.
AlN + 3H2O→ Al(OH)3 + NH3
The compound decomposes in alkalies and acids forming products of complex stoichiometry.
Chemical PropertiesCrystalline solid.
UsesIn semiconductor electronics; in steel manufacture. AlN components and substrates are used in electrical engines, microelectronics, naval radio and defense systems, railway transport systems, telecommunications and research satellites, and emission control systems.
Industrial usesAluminum nitride is conveniently prepared by an electric arc between aluminum electrodes in a nitrogen atmosphere. Aluminum nitride is an excellent substrate for creating wide-band-gap semiconductors for wireless communications and power-industry applications. Since aluminum nitride withstands very high temperatures, this substrate material can be used for microelectronic devices on jet engines. Such substrates also would improve the production of blue and ultraviolet lasers that could be used to squeeze a full-length movie onto a CD. Aluminum nitride crystals have also been grown in a tungsten crucible at 2300 C.
Materials UsesAluminum nitride (AlN) has an unusual combination of properties: it is an electrical insulator, but an excellent conductor of heat. This is just what is wanted for substrates for high-powered electronics; the substrate must insulate yet conduct the heat out of the microchips. This, and its high strength, chemical stability, and low expansion give it a special role as a heat sinks for power electronics. Aluminum nitride starts as a powder, is pressed (with a polymer binder) to the desired shape, then fired at a high temperature, burning off the binder and causing the powder to sinter.
Aluminum nitride is particularly unusual for its high thermal conductivity combined with a high electrical resistance, low dielectric constant, good corrosion, and thermal shock resistance.
Typical uses. Substrates for microcircuits, chip carriers, heat sinks, electronic components; windows, heaters, chucks, clamp rings, gas distribution plates.
Aluminum nitride Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsNitrogen-->Aluminum oxide -->Carbon Black
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