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Company Name: BOC Sciences
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Products Intro: Product Name:CGM097
Package:5 mg Remarks:CGM097 is an orally bioavailable HDM2 (human homolog of double minute 2) antagonist with potential antineoplastic activity. Upon oral administration, p53/HDM2 interaction inhibitor CGM097 inhibits the
Company Name: CD Chemical Group Limited
Tel: +8615986615575
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Products Intro: CAS:1313363-54-0
Purity:0.99 Package:1000KG;100KG;5KG;1KG
Company Name: InvivoChem
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Products Intro: Product Name:NVP-CGM097
Purity:98% Package:5mg Remarks:V2654
Company Name: ShenZhen Trendseen Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 13417589054
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Products Intro: Product Name:NVP-CGM097(CGM-097)
Purity:0.95 Package:G; KG
Company Name: Amadis Chemical Company Limited
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Products Intro: Product Name:NVP-CGM097 (CGM097)
Purity:0.97 Package:mgs,gs,kgs Remarks:A903399
NVP-CGM097 Basic information
Product Name:NVP-CGM097
Synonyms:NVP-CGM097;CGM097;CS-1248;CS-2423;CGM097; CGM-097; CGM 097; NVPCGM097; NVPCGM 097; NVPCGM-097;(S)-1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-7-isopropoxy-6-methoxy-2-(4-(methyl(((1r,4S)-4-(4-methyl-3-oxopiperazin-1-yl)cyclohexyl)methyl)amino)phenyl)-1,2-dihydroisoquinolin-3(4H)-one;NVP-CGM097 (CGM097);(S)-1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-7-isopropoxy-6-methoxy-2-(4-[methyl[4-(4-methyl-3-oxopiperazin-1-yl)-trans-cyclohexylmethyl]amino]phenyl)-1,4-dihydro-2H-isoquinolin-3-one
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Mol File:1313363-54-0.mol
NVP-CGM097 Structure
NVP-CGM097 Chemical Properties
Boiling point 830.1±65.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.210±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
storage temp. Store at -20°C
solubility DMSO:50.0(Max Conc. mg/mL);75.84(Max Conc. mM)
form Powder
Safety Information
MSDS Information
NVP-CGM097 Usage And Synthesis
Biological ActivityNVP-CGM097 is a potent and selective MDM2 inhibitor with a Ki value of 1.3 nM. It binds to the p53-binding site of the MDM2 protein, disrupting its protein-protein interactions, leading to activation of the p53 pathway.
in vitro

The binding ability of NVP-CGM097 to MDM2 varies among different species. The selectivity of it for p53:MDM2 interaction is 1176-fold for p53:MDM4 interaction, 3000-fold for Ras:Raf interaction, and 1176-fold for Bcl-2:Bak, Bcl-2:Bad, Mcl- The interaction of 1:Bak, Mcl-1:NOXA, XIAP:BIR3, c-IAP:BIR3 is inactive, therefore, it is highly selective for p53:MDM2. It can significantly promote the entry of wild-type p53 into the nucleus with IC50 of 0.224 μM, indicating that it can inhibit the p53:MDM2 interaction in living cells. It promotes p53 as nucleus, resulting in cellular p53-dependent growth inhibition.

in vivoAfter intravenous injection, the serum clearance of NVP-CGM097 was 5 mL/min/kg in mice, 7 mL/min/kg in rats, 3 mL/min/kg in dogs, and 3 mL/min/kg in monkeys. 4 mL/min/kg. Serum clearance of NVP-CGM097 was low in all species compared to hepatic blood flow (typically 5-10% hepatic blood flow). The half-life of NVP-CGM097 in rodents and monkeys is 6-12 hours; in dogs, the half-life is 20 hours, which is relatively longer.
(Cell-free assay)
1.7 nM
NVP-CGM097 Preparation Products And Raw materials
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