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Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E

Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E Suppliers list
Company Name: Baoji Guokang Healthchem co.,ltd
Tel: +8615604608665 15604608665
Products Intro: Product Name:Angelicae extract
Company Name: Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-0731-84213302 +8618374838656
Products Intro: Product Name:Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E; Angelicae extract
Purity:10:1 TLC Package:1kg;USD|25kg;USD
Company Name: Wuxi Cidic Co., Ltd
Tel: 0086-510-82303030
Products Intro:
Company Name: Acetar Bio Tech Inc.  Gold
Tel: +86-13519755093 13519755093
Products Intro: Product Name:Radix angelicae sinensis extract
Purity:藁本内酯1%:10:1 Package:25kg/RMB 90;1kg
Company Name: Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co.,Ltd.  Gold
Tel: +186-15687963500 15687963500
Products Intro: Product Name:Angelica Extract
Purity:99%HPLC Remarks:kg

Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E manufacturers

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  • $110.00 / 1KG
  • 2021-11-02
  • CAS:
  • Min. Order: 1公斤
  • Purity: 40%
  • Supply Ability: 10tons
Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E Basic information
Product Name:Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E
Synonyms:Angelicae(DangQuai) P.E;DongQuai P.E;Angelica P.E.;Angelica Dongquai Ext;Anelicae(Dong Quai)P.E. ligustilide 1% HPLC;Chinese Angelica Extrat;Angelicae extract;Dong guai P.E
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