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Vitamin B series

Vitamin B series Suppliers list
Company Name: Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd. medicines used as raw materials division  
Tel: 021-65542229;63739309
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Company Name: Yixing Jiangshan Bio-tech Co., Ltd. (formerly Yixing Jiangshan Chemical Industry Factory)  
Tel: 0510-87020391;0510-87660020
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Company Name: Tianjin Institute of Fine Chemicals retrocession  
Tel: 022-85689619 85689620
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Product Name:Vitamin B series
Synonyms:Vitamin B series
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Pyridoxine vitamin B6 154-87-0 NA NA VITAMIN B12(CYANOCOBALAMIN) 1%(BASF)(SECONDARY STANDARD) Vitamin B6 thiamine ThiaMine IMpurity NA VITAMIN B12 NA Riboflavin VITAMIN B15, PANGAMIC ACID VITAMIN B12(CYANOCOBALAMIN)(USP)(REAGENT / STANDARD GRADE) Nicotinic acid Folic acid Impurity C Vitamin B9