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Aluminum phosphide

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Products Intro: Product Name:Aluminum phosphide

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Aluminum phosphide Basic information
Product Name:Aluminum phosphide
Synonyms:al-phos;aluminiumfosfide;aluminiumphosphide(alp);aluminiumphosphidetablet;Aluminum phosphide (AlP);aluminumphosphide(alp);alminiumphosphide;celphos(indian)
Product Categories:INSECTICIDE
Mol File:20859-73-8.mol
Aluminum phosphide Structure
Aluminum phosphide Chemical Properties
Melting point 2000℃
density 2.42
form green or yellow cubic crystals
Water Solubility reacts with H2O to produce phosphine [MER06]
Stability:Flammable solid. Contact with acids liberates highly toxic gas (phosphine). Incompatible with acids, moisture, oxidizing agents.
CAS DataBase Reference20859-73-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry ReferenceAluminum monophosphide(20859-73-8)
EPA Substance Registry SystemAluminum phosphide (AlP)(20859-73-8)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes F,T+,N
Risk Statements 15/29-28-32-50
Safety Statements 3/9/14-30-36/37-45-61
HazardClass 4.3
PackingGroup I
Hazardous Substances Data20859-73-8(Hazardous Substances Data)
MSDS Information
Aluminum phosphide English
Aluminum phosphide Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertiesyellow or grey crystals
Chemical PropertiesAluminum phosphide is a pyrophoric, dark gray or dark yellow crystalline solid
UsesSource of phosphine; in semiconductor research; as fumigant.
General DescriptionAluminum phosphide is a dark gray or dry, yellow, crystalline solid. Aluminum phosphide reacts with moisture to give phosphine, a flammable and poisonous gas. Normally, phosphine will spontaneously ignite upon contact with air. If there is an excess of water, the phosphine fire will not normally ignite any surrounding combustible material.
Air & Water ReactionsDecomposed by water or moist air, evolving phosphine, a toxic gas that often ignites [Merck 11th ed. 1989].
Reactivity ProfileAluminum phosphide is a reducing agent. Contact with mineral acids causes explosive evolution of toxic phosphine [Wang, C. C. et al., J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 1963, 25, p. 327]. Heating produces highly toxic fumes of phosphorus oxides. Can react vigorously upon contact with oxidizing agents. [Sax, 9th ed., p. 119].
HazardDangerous fire risk. It evolves phosphine.
Health HazardAcute toxicity occurs primarily by the inhalation route when Aluminum phosphide decomposes into the toxic gas, phosphine. The human median lethal dose for Aluminum phosphide has been reported to be 20 mg/kg. Rated as super toxic: probable oral lethal dose is less than 5 mg/kg or less than 7 drops for a 70 kg (150 lb.) person.
Fire HazardReleases toxic fumes on exposure to moist air, water, or acids. Decomposes to produce phosphine gas. Avoid water, dilute mineral acids, dilute or concentrated hydrochloric acid. Stable when dry. Avoid moist air.
Agricultural UsesFumigant, Fungicide, Rodenticide, Insecticide: Used as an insecticidal fumigant for grain, peanuts, processed food, animal feed, leaf tobacco, cottonseed, and as space fumigant for flour mills, warehouses and railcars. It is also used in baits for rodent and mole control in crops. Used as a source of phosphine; in semiconductor research. Zinc phosphide is often mixed with bait food such as cornmeal, which can be a danger to pets and children. When phosphides are ingested or exposed to moisture, they release phosphine gas. A U.S. EPA restricted Use Pesticide (RUP). Metallic phosphides on clothes, skin, or hair can react with water or moisture to generate phosphine gas.
Safety ProfileA human poison by inhalation and ingestion. Dangerous; in contact with water, steam, or alkali it slowly yields PH3, which is spontaneously flammable in air. Explosive reaction on contact with mineral acids produces phosphine. When heated to decomposition it yields toxic PO,. See also ALUMINUM COMPOUNDS, PHOSPHIDES, and PHOSPHINE. AHGOOO
Potential ExposureUsed as a rodenticide; wood preservative; as a source of phosphine; as an insecticidal fumigant for grain, peanuts, processed food, animal feed, leaf tobacco, cottonseed; and as space fumigant for flour mills, warehouses and railcars. Used in semiconductor research
ShippingUN1397 Aluminum phosphide, Hazard Class: 4.3; Labels: 4.3-Dangerous when wet material, 6.1-Poisonous materials.
IncompatibilitiesAble to ignite spontaneously in moist air; forms toxic and explosive phosphine gas on contact with moisture in air. Reacts violently with water, steam, carbon dioxide; acids, alcohols, and foam fire extinguishers. Contact with water and bases slowly releases highly flammable and toxic phosphine gas.
Waste DisposalConsult with environmental regulatory agencies for guidance on acceptable disposal practices. Generators of waste containing this contaminant (≥100 kg/mo) must conform with EPA regulations governing storage, transportation, treatment, and waste disposal. Allow to react slowly with moisture in the open, being sure that phosphine gas evolved is dissipated. Alternatively, mix with dry diluent and incinerate at temperature above 1000 C with effluent gas scrubbing. In accordance with 40CFR165, follow recommendations for the disposal of pesticides and pesticide containers. Must be disposed of properly by following package label directions or bycontacting your local or federal environmental control agency, or by contacting your regional EPA office.
Aluminum phosphide Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsPhosphorus-->Aluminium-->AMMONIUM CARBAMATE
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