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Postion:Product Catalog >API>Blood System Drugs>Haemostatic Drugs>Aminocaproic Acid

Aminocaproic Acid

US $0.00-0.00 / mg

  • 10mg
  • 25mg
  • 50mg
  • 100mg
Min. Order: 10mg
Purity: 90%+
Cas No.: 60-32-2
Supply Ability: 10g
  • Product Name: Aminocaproic Acid
  • CAS No.:60-32-2
  • Min. Order:10mg
  • Purity:90%+
  • Supply Ability:10g
  • Release date:2021/09/19
Product Advantage

PI20064000 Aminocaproic Acid

CAS No:60-32-2  ||Chemical Formula:C6H13NO2 ||Molecular Weight:131.17500||Exact Mass:131.09463||6-aminohexanoic acid


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We have Aminocaproic Acid and its following impurities.Please search for each specific product on this website or visit  http://www.pipitech.com/  or email to 003@pharmyao.com  for more details

PI20064000 Aminocaproic Acid CAS No:60-32-2 
PI20064001 Aminocaproic Acid Dimer CAS No:2014-58-6
PI20064002 Aminocaproic Acid Trimer CAS No:5776-78-3
PI20064003 Aminocaproic Acid  Tetramer CAS No:N/A
PI20064014 Aminocaproic Acid Impurity 4 CAS No:N/A
PI20064016 Aminocaproic Acid Impurity 6 CAS No:N/A
PI20064018 Aminocaproic Acid Impurity 8 CAS No:N/A
PI20064019 Aminocaproic Acid Impurity 9 CAS No:N/A

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