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陕西新天域生物科技有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Shaanxi xintianyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Tel:    17791023282
Nationality:    China
Product List:    995
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Product List
Feverfew P.E Parthenlide 20554-84-1
Garcinia cambogia extract 90045-23-1
Echinacea Herb P.E
Bitter Melon P.E.
licorice root extract
Hedysarum villosum extract
Dwarf tea extract
Extract of Trigonella
Origanum flower extract 84012-24-8
Turmeric P.E
Kiwifruit extract
Cherry powder
Rhamnus extract
Butcher's Broom P.E.
Sinomenia extract
Pine needle extract
Siler Extract
Extract of Viola yedoensis
Oregano extract
Mangrove extract
Rosa roxburghii root extract
Momordica Extract 88901-36-4
Extract of dog's spine
Mangosteen extract
Chinese Bushcherry Seed Extract/ Semen Pruni Extract
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 10338-51-9
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Wild Cherry Extract
Hainan eggplant extract
Bupleurum extract
Equisetum Extract
Yohimbine 146-48-5
Curcumin 458-37-7
Epimedium P.E
Cantaloupe powder
Fucoidan 9072-19-9
Scutellaria baicalensis extract
St.John’s.Wort P.E.
Extract of Elaeagnus
Durian powder
Rhodiola Rosea 97404-52-9
Dandelion root extract 68990-74-9
Panax notoginseng extract 80418-29-7
Tea Polyphenols
Guava leaves extracts
Saw palmetto P.E
Chinese Gentian Root Extract
Dichroa febrifuga Lour
Arctium Extract
Lycopodii extract
Ze LAN extract
Kawakami extract
Bicuspid extract
Grape seed extract 84929-27-1
Green Tea Extract
Bilberry Extract
Concanavalin extract
Bell pepper extract
Herba Glehniae extract
Cordyceps Extract
Paeony extract
nattokinase 133876-92-3
Barley seedling powder
Lemon powder
Pomegranate powder
Hemlock extract
Resveratrol 501-36-0
Echinacea root extract 84696-11-7
Radix Puerariae Extract
Cornflower Extract
Acerbity horn seed extract
Ginseng extract 90045-38-8
Nettle Root P.E
Rosemary Herb Extract
Asarum extract
Clematis Root Extract
Beet root powder
Watermelon powder
Wheat seedling powder
Maca extract
Mangosteen powder
Milk Thistle Extract 84604-20-6
Ferula ferula extract
Erigeron extract 27740-01-8
Notopterygium Root Extract
Cranberry extract
Garlic oil 8008-99-9
Marigold P.E. 127-40-2
Ginger extract 84696-15-1
wormwood extrac
Cassia seed leaf extract
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