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CAS No.70-25-7
Chemical Name:1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine
Synonyms:MNG;MNNG;NA 1325;nsc9369;NSC 9369;nci-c01423;rcrawastenumberu163;DIAZOMETHANE PRECURSOR;Rcra waste number U163;Methylnitronitrosoguanidine
Molecular Formula:C2H5N5O3
Formula Weight:147.09
MOL File:70-25-7.mol
1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine Property
Melting point : 118°C (dec.)
storage temp. : 0-6°C
Water Solubility : Reacts violently
Merck : 6103
Stability:: Unstable. Reacts violently with water. May detonate under impact. Heat, light and moisture sensitive. May explode if stored in sealed ampules. Highly flammable. Incompatible with aqueous solutions, acids, bases, oxidizing agents, reducing agents. Alkaline hydrolysis releases toxic and explosive gases.
CAS DataBase Reference: 70-25-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference: Guanidine, n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitroso-(70-25-7)
EPA Substance Registry System: Guanidine, N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitroso- (70-25-7)
Hazard Codes : T;N,N,T
Risk Statements : 45-20-36/38-51/53
Safety Statements : 53-45-61
RIDADR : 2926
RTECS : MF4200000
HazardClass : 4.1
PackingGroup : II
Hazardous Substances Data: 70-25-7(Hazardous Substances Data)

1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties
yellow to pink crystals
A DNA-damaging agent, used as a positive control in SHE cell transformation assays.
ChEBI: An N-nitroguanidine compound having nitroso and methyl substituents at the N'-position
General Description
A yellow powder. Melting point 244°F. Decomposes above 212°F. A suspected carcinogen. Extremely hazardous as a mutagen. Avoid skin contact and inhalation of of vapors. Usually stored frozen (below 32°F) in polyethylene bottles that are tightly closed and contained in a metal can. May decomposed during prolonged storage and develop sufficient pressure in a closed container to explode. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame.
Air & Water Reactions
Highly flammable. Reacts violently with water .
Reactivity Profile
1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine will detonate under high impact. 1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine is sensitive to heat. A sample has exploded when melted in a sealed capillary tube. Incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents and reducing agents. Reacts with bases to release highly toxic, irritating and explosive gases. Reacts slowly with acids to release nitrous acid. Reacts with various nucleophiles, especially amines and thiols. Reacts with aqueous potassium hydroxide to form a highly reactive compound. The crude product from aqueous nitrosation is pyrophoric but recrystallized material is stable .
Health Hazard
Fire may produce irritating and/or toxic gases. Contact may cause burns to skin and eyes. Contact with molten substance may cause severe burns to skin and eyes. Runoff from fire control may cause pollution.
Fire Hazard
Flammable/combustible material. May be ignited by friction, heat, sparks or flames. Some may burn rapidly with flare burning effect. Powders, dusts, shavings, borings, turnings or cuttings may explode or burn with explosive violence. Substance may be transported in a molten form at a temperature that may be above its flash point. May re-ignite after fire is extinguished.
1-Methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
Nitroguanidine Etanol Methylamine Sodium nitrite 2-Methyl-2-thiopseudourea sulfate 1-Methyl-3-nitroguanidine Nitric acid Methanol 1-Butanol Cyanamide Sulfuric acid
Preparation Products
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