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CAS No.108-86-1
Chemical Name:Bromobenzene
Synonyms:Brombenzol;NCI-C55492;Bromobenzol;BROMOBENZENE;bromo-benzen;Benzene,bromo-;1-Bromobenzene;PHENYL BROMIDE;3-Bromobenzene;4-Bromobenzene
Molecular Formula:C6H5Br
Formula Weight:157.01
MOL File:108-86-1.mol
Bromobenzene Property
Melting point : -31 °C
Boiling point : 156 °C(lit.)
density : 1.491 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density : 5.41 (vs air)
vapor pressure : 10 mm Hg ( 40 °C)
refractive index : n20/D 1.559(lit.)
Fp : 124 °F
storage temp. : 2-8°C
solubility : Miscible with diethyl ether, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and benzene.
Water Solubility : insoluble. <0.1 g/100 mL at 20.5 ºC
Merck : 14,1406
BRN : 1236661
Stability:: Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
CAS DataBase Reference: 108-86-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference: Benzene, bromo-(108-86-1)
EPA Substance Registry System: Benzene, bromo-(108-86-1)
Hazard Codes : Xi,N,F,T
Risk Statements : 10-38-51/53-39/23/24/25-23/24/25
Safety Statements : 61-45-36/37
RIDADR : UN 2514 3/PG 3
WGK Germany : 2
RTECS : CY9000000
TSCA : Yes
HazardClass : 3
PackingGroup : III
Hazardous Substances Data: 108-86-1(Hazardous Substances Data)

Bromobenzene Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties
colourless liquid
General Description
Mobile clear colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Flash point 124°F. Denser than water and insoluble in water. Hence sinks in water. Vapors are heavier than air. A skin irritant.
Air & Water Reactions
Flammable. Insoluble in water.
Reactivity Profile
Bromobenzene may be sensitive to light. May react with oxidizing agents .
Health Hazard
Contact with liquid causes irritation of eyes and mild irritation of skin. Ingestion causes mild irritation of mouth and stomach.
Fire Hazard
Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Irritating hydrogen bromide and other gases may be produced in fire.
Bromobenzene Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
Preparation Products
Nimesulide 2-(HYDROXYETHYL)-6-METHYLPYRIDINE (-)-Taddol 1-Bromo-4-(trifluoromethoxy)benzene PHENYLSILANE Ethyl N-(diphenylmethylene)glycinate PHENYLSELENOL 1-Bromo-4-nitrobenzene 1-Phenylimidazole 4-Bromobenzenesulfonamide N-Phenylanthranilic acid Butylbenzene Diphenyl(4-pyridyl)methanol Ethyl benzoylformate 3-PHENYLBUTYRIC ACID CLOTRIMAZOLE IMP. A (PHARMEUROPA): (2-CHLOROPHENYL)DIPHENYLMETHANOL DOXEPIN 1,3-DIMETHYL-4-PHENYL-4-PIPERIDINOL 4-Bromo-2,2-diphenylbutyric acid Sodium tetraphenylboron Phenyltriethoxysilane 4-N-OCTYLBENZALDEHYDE Fentin acetate ISOPROPYLDIPHENYLPHOSPHINE (+)-Taddol 4-Phenoxyphenol 4-Bromomandelic acid 2-PHENYLBENZYLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE 3-CHLORO-2-METHYLBIPHENYL Triclosan ALPHA,ALPHA-DIPHENYL-GAMMA-BUTYROLACTONE 2-Phenylquinoline brofluthrinate brofenvalerate 2-METHOXYACETOPHENONE 9-PHENYLANTHRACENE Diphenyl diselenide Allylbenzene p-Terphenyl 2-Chlorotritylchloride polymer resin
Bromobenzene Suppliers      Global( 281)Suppliers     
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Yancheng Longshen Chemical Co.,Ltd. +86-515-86668866,18352070236 China 99 60
Shanghai Aladdin Bio-Chem Technology Co.,LTD 021-20337333/400-620-6333 China 28587 65
Shanghai Witofly Chemical Co. ,Ltd. 86-17317369856, 86-15821189163 China 3794 55
Aikon International Limited 02566018217 China 10227 58
J & K SCIENTIFIC LTD. 400-666-7788 +86-10-82848833; China 96832 76
Meryer (Shanghai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. +86-(0)21-61259100(Shanghai) +86-(0)755-86170099(ShenZhen) +86-(0)10-62670440(Beijing)
+86-(0)21-61259102(Shanghai) +86-(0)755-86170066(ShenZhen) +86-(0)10-88580358(Beijing) China 40403 62
Alfa Aesar 400-610-6006; 021-67582000
021-67582001/03/ China 30315 84
TCI (Shanghai) Development Co., Ltd. 800-988-0390 China 22833 81
Beijing dtftchem Technology Co., Ltd. 13651141086; 86(10)60275028、60275820
86 (10) China 1443 62
Energy Chemical 021-58432009 / 400-005-6266 China 44198 61
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