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Chemical Name:
4-NAP;rodol42;ci76530;NSC 4664;Ursol 4GL;c.i.76530;nci-c55958;p-nitroaminofenol;Thymol Impurity?36;2-amino-4-nitrofenol
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2-Amino-4-nitrophenol Properties

Melting point 140-143 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 322.46°C (rough estimate)
Density 1.3617 (estimate)
vapor pressure 0.005Pa at 25℃
refractive index 1.6890 (rough estimate)
Flash point 100 °C
storage temp. Refrigerator, Under Inert Atmosphere
solubility DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
pka 6.82±0.22(Predicted)
form Solid
color Dark Yellow to Brown
Water Solubility slightly soluble
BRN 776533
LogP 1.26
CAS DataBase Reference 99-57-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
EWG's Food Scores 1-3
IARC 3 (Vol. 57) 1993
EPA Substance Registry System 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol (99-57-0)


Risk and Safety Statements

Symbol(GHS)  GHS hazard pictograms
Signal word  Warning
Hazard statements  H315-H319-H335
Precautionary statements  P261-P264-P271-P280-P302+P352-P305+P351+P338
Hazard Codes  Xi,Xn
Risk Statements  36/37/38-68-43-40-20/21/22
Safety Statements  26-45-36/37/39-36
RIDADR  2811
WGK Germany  2
RTECS  SJ6300000
Hazard Note  Irritant
HS Code  29071990
NFPA 704
2 0

2-Amino-4-nitrophenol price More Price(20)

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Sigma-Aldrich A70402 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol 96% 99-57-0 5g $46.5 2023-06-20 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich A70402 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol 96% 99-57-0 25g $60 2023-06-20 Buy
TCI Chemical A0378 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol >98.0%(T) 99-57-0 25g $42 2023-06-20 Buy
TCI Chemical A0378 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol >98.0%(T) 99-57-0 100g $110 2023-06-20 Buy
Alfa Aesar A13964 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol, 98% 99-57-0 25g $50.7 2023-06-20 Buy
Product number Packaging Price Buy
A70402 5g $46.5 Buy
A70402 25g $60 Buy
A0378 25g $42 Buy
A0378 100g $110 Buy
A13964 25g $50.7 Buy

2-Amino-4-nitrophenol Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties



An aromatic constituent found in hair dyes and other cosmetic products with very low levels of mutagenic activity.


2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is used in preparing some mordant dyes and in some hair dyes.


ChEBI: 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is a member of 4-nitrophenols.

Synthesis Reference(s)

Organic Syntheses, Coll. Vol. 3, p. 82, 1955
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 45, p. 4992, 1980 DOI: 10.1021/jo01312a039

General Description

Orange prisms or yellow powder. No odor.

Air & Water Reactions

Insoluble in water.

Reactivity Profile

Oxidation of 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol may occur in the presence of air and violent decomposition may occur if 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is allowed to dry out completely at elevated temperatures. 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is stable when stored protected from light and under nitrogen for two weeks at temperatures up to 140° F, and storage under nitrogen for up to 24 weeks at room temperature (77° F) should produce no loss of stability. 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is incompatible with acids, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, chloroformates and strong oxidizing agents. 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is also incompatible with iron.

Fire Hazard

Flash point data for 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol are not available. 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is probably combustible.

Flammability and Explosibility

Non flammable

Purification Methods

Crystallise the phenol from water. [Beilstein 13 IV 896.]

nci-c55958 p-nitroaminofenol rodol42 2-AMINO-4-NITROPHENOL 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol;2-Hydroxy-5-nitroaniline; 3-Amino-4-hydroxynitrobenzene 3-AMINO-4-HYDROXYNITROBENZENE P-NITRO-O-AMINOPHENOL p-Nitro-o-aminophenol 4-Nitro-2-aminophenol PARA NITRO 2-AMINO PHENOL 1-amino-2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzene 1-hydroxy-2-amino-4-nitrobenzene 2-amino-4-nitrofenol 2-amino-4-nitro-pheno 4-nitro-2-aminofenol 4-NAP 4-NITRO-2-AMINOPHENOL 6-Hydroxy-3-Nitroaniline 2-AMINO-4-NITROPHENOL OEKANAL, 250 MG 4 NAP (4 NITRO 2 AMINO PHENOL) Phenol, 2-amino-4-nitro- PARA-NITRO-ORTHO-AMINOPHENOL 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol ,98% 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol,2-Hydroxy-5-nitroaniline Ursol 4GL 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol,99% 2-AMino-4-nitro phenole 2-AMino-4-nitrophenol, 99% 50GR 4-Nitro-2-aMino-1-hydroxybenzene 5-Nitro-2-hydroxyaniline NSC 4664 2-AMino-4-nitrophenol, 98.5% 2-Hydroxy-5-nitroaniline, 3-Amino-4-hydroxynitrobenzene amino-2nitro-4phenol c.i.76530 ci76530 2-AMino-4-nitrophenol , 98.0%(T) 2-HYDROXY-5-NITROANILINE 4-nitro-2-aminofenol(czech) 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol > 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol/4NAP TIANFU-CHEM CAS:99-57-0 2-Amino-4-nitrophenol Thymol Impurity?36 99-57-0 NO2C6H3NH2OH AMINE Building Blocks Oxygen Compounds Phenols Organic Building Blocks dye intermediates Amines Aromatics Intermediates & Fine Chemicals Mutagenesis Research Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Aromatic Phenols Phenoles and thiophenoles Intermediates of Dyes and Pigments