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Calcium chromate

Calcium chromate Suppliers list
Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
Tel: +86-371-66670886
Products Intro: Product Name:CALCIUM CHROMATE
Purity:99% Package:100g,500g,1KG,10KG,100KG
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: CAS:13765-19-0
Purity:99% Package:500G;1KG;5KG;25KG
Company Name: Hubei Jusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-18871470254
Products Intro: Product Name:CALCIUM CHROMATE
Purity:0.99 Package:5KG;1KG
Company Name: career henan chemical co
Tel: 0086-371-86658258 13203830695
Products Intro: Product Name:CALCIUM CHROMATE
Purity:98%HPLC Package:1KG;1USD
Company Name: Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0551-65418671
Products Intro: Product Name:calcium chromate

Calcium chromate manufacturers

  • $1.00 / KG
  • 2019-12-24
  • CAS:13765-19-0
  • Min. Order: 1KG
  • Purity: 98%HPLC
  • Supply Ability: 10t
Calcium chromate Basic information
Product Name:Calcium chromate
Synonyms:calciumchromate(vi;CALCIUM CHROMATE;Calcium chromate, 99.9% (metals basis);Calcium chromate (as Cr);Calcium chromate, min. 95%;C.I.77223;C.I.Pigment yellow 33;Calciumchromate,min.95%
Product Categories:chromate and dichromate salts;Inorganics
Mol File:13765-19-0.mol
Calcium chromate Structure
Calcium chromate Chemical Properties
density 2.500
RTECS GB2750000
form Powder
color Yellow
Water Solubility Soluble in acid and water. Insoluble in alcohol.
Solubility Product Constant (Ksp)pKsp: 3.15
CAS DataBase Reference13765-19-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry SystemCalcium chromate (13765-19-0)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes T,N
Risk Statements 22-45-50/53
Safety Statements 45-53-60-61
HazardClass 5.1
PackingGroup III
Hazardous Substances Data13765-19-0(Hazardous Substances Data)
MSDS Information
ALFA English
Calcium chromate Usage And Synthesis
Chemical PropertiesCalcium chromate is a yellow crystalline solid, often used in solution. Odorless. It normally occurs as the dehydrate and loses water @ 200C.
UsesAs a pigment, corrosion inhibitor; manufacture of chromium; in oxidizing reactions; in battery depolarization.
General DescriptionCALCIUM CHROMATE is a yellow powder. CALCIUM CHROMATE is slightly soluble in water. The primary hazard is the threat to the environment. Immediate steps should be taken to prevent its spread to the environment.
Air & Water ReactionsInsoluble in water.
Reactivity ProfileCALCIUM CHROMATE is a strong oxidizer and reacts with acids and ethanol.
HazardProbable carcinogen.
Health HazardInhalation causes irritation of nose and throat. Ingestion causes severe circulatory collapse and chronic nephritis. Contact with eyes causes irritation. Contact with skin may cause dermatitis and ulcers.
Safety ProfileSuspected human carcinogen with experimental carcinogenic, neoplastigenic, and tumorigenic data. Experimental reproductive effects. Mutation data reported. A powerful oxiduer. Mixture with boron burns violently if ignited. See also CHROMIUM COMPOUNDS and CALCIUM COMPOUNDS.
Potential ExposureCalcium chromate is used as a pigment, corrosion inhibitor; in the manufacture of chromium; in oxidizing reactions; in battery depolarization.
ShippingUN3288 Toxic solids, inorganic, n.o.s., Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required
IncompatibilitiesA strong oxidizer. Incompatible with boron (violent reaction), ethanol, combustibles, organic, or other easily oxidized materials.
Waste DisposalReduce to trivalent chromium and precipitate as chromium(III) hydroxide. Compact the sludge and dispose in single purpose special waste dumps
Calcium chromate Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsChromium(VI) oxide
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