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Ammoniumsulfit Produkt Beschreibung

AMMONIUM SULFITE;ammoniumsulphite;diammoniumsulfite;AMMONIUM SULFITE H2O;solid Ammonium Sulfite;Sulfurousacid,diammoniumsalt
Ammoniumsulfit physikalisch-chemischer Eigenschaften
Schmelzpunkt:: 60°C
Dichte: 1.41(25℃)
Aggregatzustand: solid (rough estimate)
Stabilität:: Stable. Efflorescent. Incompatible with acids, strong oxidizing agents.
CAS Datenbank: 10196-04-0(CAS DataBase Reference)

Ammoniumsulfit Chemische Eigenschaften,Einsatz,Produktion Methoden

Chemische Eigenschaften
Colorless to white crystals that are soluble in water (NH4)2S03H20 is used both as a reducing agent and in photography. This compound is a salt that can form from the reaction of ammonia and sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide. This product is frequently found in the overhead of crude distillation units and can be quite corrosive to steel equipment. Chemical corrosion inhibitors are often used to control corrosion from ammonium sulfite and other ammonium salts
Allgemeine Beschreibung
AMMONIUM SULFITE is a colorless crystalline solid. The primary hazard is the threat to the environment. Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment. AMMONIUM SULFITE is used in the manufacture of other chemicals, in medicine, and photography.
Air & Water Reaktionen
Soluble in water.
Reaktivität anzeigen
AMMONIUM SULFITE is a reducing agent. Emits toxic sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen when heated to decomposition [USCG, 1999].
Health Hazard
Inhalation of dust causes irritation of nose and throat. Ingestion causes irritation of mouth and stomach. Dust irritates eyes.
Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen may form in fires.
Ammoniumsulfit Upstream-Materialien And Downstream Produkte
Schwefel Ammoniak, wssrige Lsung Ammoniumhydrogensulfit Schwefeldioxid Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat Schwefelsure Ammoniak, wasserfrei
Downstream Produkte
2-Naphthylamin Schwefeldioxid 2-Fluornaphthalin Caramel (Farbe) 2,3-Naphthylendiamin
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