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Molasses;Cane syrup;CANEMOLASSES;beet molasses;Molasses, beet;Einecs 270-698-1;Beet sugar molasses

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Molasses extract is a by-product of the sugar-refining process; the syrup or the “mother water” is separated from the grains of the raw sugar in the process of manufacture. The use of molasses dates back to 1493 when Columbus introduced it to the West Indies. Molasses became an important product in Colonial trade. It was the major sweetener used in America until after World War I because it was less expensive than sugar. The quality of molasses depends on the character and treatment of the cane juices from which it is obtained. Molasses is generally dark brown to bright amber. Blackstrap molasses is the final or exhausted molasses of raw sugar manufacture. Molasses extract is usually sweet; it can also taste burnt


Molasses is the byproduct of the manufacture of sugar from sugar cane in which the syrup is separated from the crystals. the highest grade is edible molasses which is most often found as table syrup. the lowest grade is blackstrap molasses. molasses is a strongly fla- vored, dark colored syrup containing 70–80% solids of which 50–75% is sucrose and invert sugar. it is used in syrups and in the production of caramel.


Total solids in molasses as determined by drying methods may vary from 75 to 85%, and the sucrose content may be from 25 to 40%. Reducing sugars as determined by copper reduction methods may be from 12 to 35%. The total sugar content, both sucrose and reducing sugars, is usually about 50%, but can be in considerable excess of this figure. Other important constituents: Klasonlignin (16.4% of which 16.3% total aldehyde, 5.3% vanillin, 9.0% syringa aldehyde); about 12 to 20% saccharose (located in the juice of the stem); about 0.1 to 0.25% wax.

Taste threshold values

Taste characteristics at 1%: sweet, molasses, brown, with sulfury, bready and malty nuances.

Landwirtschaftliche Anwendung

Molasses is the thick liquid left over after sucrose is removed from the mother liquid in sugar manufacture.
Blackstrap molasses is the syrup from which no more sugar can be obtained economically. It contains about 20% sucrose, 20% reducing sugars, 10% ash, 20% nonorganic sugars and 20% water. It is combustive and nontoxic.

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