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Leuprorelin acetate

Anti-cancer drugs
Leuprorelin acetate
Leuprorelin acetate structure
Chemical Name:
Leuprorelin acetate
lupron;tap-144;Prostap;Procrin;TPA-144;DC-2-269;tap-144-sr;LEUPROLIDE;Abbott 43818;Procren Depot
Molecular Formula:
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Leuprorelin acetate Properties

Melting point:
storage temp. 
NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms
leuprolide acetate; Lupron
Proposition 65 List
Leuprolide Acetate
  • Risk and Safety Statements
Safety Statements  22-24/25
WGK Germany  2
RTECS  OH6390000
HS Code  29371900

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Sigma-Aldrich L0399 Leuprolide acetate salt ≥98% (HPLC) 74381-53-6 1mg $96.1 2019-12-02 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 1358503 Leuprolide acetate salt 74381-53-6 200mg $3792.6 2019-12-02 Buy
Cayman Chemical 22275 Leuprorelin (acetate) ≥98% 74381-53-6 1mg $25 2020-06-24 Buy
Cayman Chemical 22275 Leuprorelin (acetate) ≥98% 74381-53-6 5mg $75 2020-06-24 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich L0399 Leuprolide acetate salt ≥98% (HPLC) 74381-53-6 5mg $337 2019-12-02 Buy

Leuprorelin acetate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Anti-cancer drugs

Leuprolide acetate is a commonly used hormone anti-cancer drug, , it is a acetate of leuprolide which is a nonapeptide synthetic analogue of LHRH( one kind decapeptide), it is a LH-RH antagonist, LHRH is produced by the hypothalamus, it can promote pituitary for the release of gonadotropins and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). This product’s structure is similar to LHRH, its acting on the anterior pituitary which prompts FSH, LH release function, increases serum concentrations of testosterone and dihydro testosterone. It is used as maintenance therapy for advanced prostate cancer clinically, but in about one week after use of the product, the number of active receptors will be reduced, and gonadotropin secretion will be reduced.After 2 to 4 weeks, the concentration of testosterone and dihydro testosterone can be reduced to castration levels. After the withdrawal, gonadotropin and androgen concentrations can be recovered to normal.
Note that this product is not effective when administered orally, subcutaneous or intramuscular administration has good absorption. T1/2 of parenteral administration is 3 h. There is no accumulation in the body, unchanged drugs and its metabolites in urine excretion rates are2.9% and 1.5%, respectively. Ethanol can enhance the role of this product, the course of treatment should not drink, in case it is difficult to control the incidence of adverse reactions. In the first week of the course of treatment ,patients should try to be hospitalized for monitoring, choose an experienced physician to guide treatment to prevent severe neurological complications, urinary tract obstruction. Injection site should often vary.
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Leuprolide acetate is a potent analog of LH-RH useful in achieving a medical castration in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. It has also been investigated for the treatment of advanced breast cancer.

Chemical Properties

Fluffy Solid


Takeda (Japan)


Leuprolide acetate USP (Leupron) is used to treat Prostatic carcinoma.


Synthetic nonapeptide agonist analog of LH-RH. Antineoplastic (hormonal).


ChEBI: An acetate salt obtained by combining the nonapeptide leuprolide with acetic acid. A long lasting GnRH analog, LH-Rh agonist. It is a synthetic nonapeptide analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and is used as a subcutaneous hydrogel implant for the t eatment of prostate cancer and for the suppression of gonadal sex hormone production in children with central precocious puberty.

brand name

Eligard (QLT); Lupron(TAP); Viadur (ALZA);CARCINIL.

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