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1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid

1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid 구조식 이미지
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1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid
Saxaint-K;AKOS BC-0655;Adamantoic acid;1-ADAMANTOIC ACID;RARECHEM AQ TC 1001;1-Carboxyadamantane;OTAVA-BB BB0111370036;LABOTEST-BB LT00436929;1-Adamantanecarboxylic;adamantanecarboxylic acid
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1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid 속성

172-174 °C(lit.)
끓는 점
253.08°C (rough estimate)
0.9976 (rough estimate)
1.4910 (estimate)
저장 조건
Store below +30°C.
물리적 상태
Crystalline Powder
White to off-white
Insoluble in water. Solubility in methanol gives very faint turbidity. Soluble in ethanol, chloroform, and dichloromethane.
CAS 데이터베이스
828-51-3(CAS DataBase Reference)
Adamantane-1-carboxylic acid(828-51-3)
  • 위험 및 안전 성명
  • 위험 및 사전주의 사항 (GHS)
위험품 표기 Xi
위험 카페고리 넘버 36/37/38
안전지침서 22-24/25-36-26
WGK 독일 3
RTECS 번호 AU4452200
위험 참고 사항 Irritant
HS 번호 29162000
신호 어: Warning
유해·위험 문구:
암호 유해·위험 문구 위험 등급 범주 신호 어 그림 문자 P- 코드
H315 피부에 자극을 일으킴 피부부식성 또는 자극성물질 구분 2 경고 P264, P280, P302+P352, P321,P332+P313, P362
H319 눈에 심한 자극을 일으킴 심한 눈 손상 또는 자극성 물질 구분 2A 경고 P264, P280, P305+P351+P338,P337+P313P
H335 호흡 자극성을 일으킬 수 있음 특정 표적장기 독성 - 1회 노출;호흡기계 자극 구분 3 경고
P261 분진·흄·가스·미스트·증기·...·스프레이의 흡입을 피하시오.
P264 취급 후에는 손을 철저히 씻으시오.
P264 취급 후에는 손을 철저히 씻으시오.
P280 보호장갑/보호의/보안경/안면보호구를 착용하시오.
P304+P340 흡입하면 신선한 공기가 있는 곳으로 옮기고 호흡하기 쉬운 자세로 안정을 취하시오.
P305+P351+P338 눈에 묻으면 몇 분간 물로 조심해서 씻으시오. 가능하면 콘택트렌즈를 제거하시오. 계속 씻으시오.
P405 밀봉하여 저장하시오.

1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid MSDS

Tricyclo[,7)]decan-1-Carboxylic acid

1-Adamantanecarboxylic acid C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산

화학적 성질

white to off-white crystalline powder


Adamantoic Acid is an inhibitor of chorismate mutase activity and hydroxyphenylpyruvate synthase. It inhibits TTR conformational changes facilitating amyloid fibril formation.

Purification Methods

Possible impurities are trimethylacetic acid and C9 and C13 acids. Dissolve 15g of the acid in CCl4 (300mL) and shake with 110mL of 15N aqueous NH3 whereby the ammonium salt separates and is collected. Acid impurities form soluble ammonium salts. The salt is washed with cold Me2CO (20mL) and suspended in H2O (250mL). This is treated with 12N HCl and extracted with CHCl3 (100mL). The dried (Na2SO4) extract was evaporated and the residue was recrystallised from a mixture of MeOH (30mL) and H2O (ca 10mL) to give the pure acid (10-11g). [Koch & Haaf Org Synth Coll Vol V 20 1973.] It was also recrystallised from absolute EtOH and dried under vacuum at 100o. Alternatively, the acid (5g) is refluxed for 2hours with 15mL of MeOH and 2mL of 98% H2SO4 (cool when mixing this solution). Pour into 10 volumes of H2O and extract with the minimum volume of CHCl3 to give clear separation of phases. The extract is washed with H2O, dried (CaCl2) and distilled. The methyl ester is collected at 77-79o/1mm, m 38-39o. The ester is hydrolysed with the calculated amount of N KOH and refluxed until clear. Acidification with HCl provides the pure acid with 90% recovery. The amide crystallises from cyclohexane, m 189o. [Stetter et al. Chem Ber 92 1629 1959.] [Beilstein 9 IV 253.]

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