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Misoprostol 구조식 이미지
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Misogon;CYTOTEC;SC 2933;SC-29333;Misoprosto;Misoprostil;MISOPROSTOL;Misoprostol-d5;DL-MISOPROSTOL;Misoprostol API
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Misoprostol 속성

끓는 점
429.67°C (rough estimate)
1.0323 (rough estimate)
1.6120 (estimate)
저장 조건
Practically insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol (96 per cent), sparingly soluble in acetonitrile.
물리적 상태
CAS 데이터베이스
59122-46-2(CAS DataBase Reference)
Prost-13-en-1-oic acid, 11,16-dihydroxy-16-methyl- 9-oxo-, methyl ester, (11.alpha.,13E)-(59122-46-2)
  • 위험 및 안전 성명
  • 위험 및 사전주의 사항 (GHS)
위험품 표기 T
위험 카페고리 넘버 45-60-61-25-36/37/38
안전지침서 53-22-36/37/39-45
유엔번호(UN No.) UN 2810 6.1/PG 3
WGK 독일 2
RTECS 번호 UK8390000
HS 번호 2937500000
유해 물질 데이터 59122-46-2(Hazardous Substances Data)
독성 LD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 40-62, 70-160 i.p.; 81-100, 27-138 orally (Kotsonis)
신호 어: Danger
유해·위험 문구:
암호 유해·위험 문구 위험 등급 범주 신호 어 그림 문자 P- 코드
H301 삼키면 유독함 급성 독성 물질 - 경구 구분 3 위험 P264, P270, P301+P310, P321, P330,P405, P501
H360 태아 또는 생식능력에 손상을 일으킬 수 있음 생식독성 물질 구분 1A, 1B 위험
P201 사용 전 취급 설명서를 확보하시오.
P280 보호장갑/보호의/보안경/안면보호구를 착용하시오.
P308+P313 노출 또는 접촉이 우려되면 의학적인 조치· 조언를 구하시오.

Misoprostol MSDS

(11alpha,13E)-(+)-11alpha,16-Dihydroxy-16-methyl-9-oxoprost-13E-en-1-oic acid methyl ester

Misoprostol C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산


Misoprostol is an orally-active PGEl analog useful in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. As with other agents of this type, misoprostol may prove useful as a gastric cytoprotective when administered concurrently with irritating drugs such as nonsteroidal antiinflammatories.

화학적 성질

White Solid


Searle (USA)


antiulcerative;prostaglandin E1 analog that inhibits gastric acid secretion


A cytoprotective prostaglandin PGE1 analogue


Misoprostol (Cytotec), which is an analogue of prostaglandin E1, has been approved for use in the prevention of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug–induced ulceration. It also is approved in other countries for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease.


Cytotec (Searle);Cyprostol;Oxaprost;Prostalgin.

일반 설명

Misoprostol, (±)-methyl 11α, 16-dihydroxy-16-methyl-9-oxoprost-13E-en-1-oate, is a semisyntheticderivative of PGE1 that derives some pharmacologicalselectivity as well as enhanced biostability from its16-methyl, 16-hydroxy substitutions. A mixture of misoprostoldiastereomers are present in the commercial product,but most of the activity is associated with the 11r, 16Sisomer. Misoprostol exhibits both antisecretory andcytoprotectant effects characteristic of the naturalprostaglandins and has a therapeutically acceptable biodisposition profile. Although the antisecretory effects of misoprostolare thought to be related to its agonistic actions atparietal cell prostaglandin receptors, its cytoprotective actionsare proposed to be related to increases in GI mucusand bicarbonate secretion, increases in mucosal blood flow,and/or prevention of back diffusion of acid into the gastricmucosa.
Misoprostol is rapidly absorbed following oral administrationand undergoes rapid deesterification to the pharmacologicallyactive free acid with a terminal half-life of 20 to40 minutes. Misoprostol is commonly used to preventNSAID-induced gastric ulcers in patients at high risk ofcomplications from a gastric ulcer, such as elderly patientsand patients with a history of ulcer. Misoprostol has alsobeen used in treating duodenal ulcers unresponsive to histamineH2-antagonists; the drug does not prevent duodenal ulcers,however, in patients taking NSAIDS. Misoprostol cancause miscarriage, often associated with potentially dangerousbleeding.

일반 설명

Misoprostol, (16-(R,S)-methyl-16-hydroxy)-PGE1, methyl ester (Cytotec), is a modified prostaglandinanalog that shows potent gastric antisecretory and gastroprotectiveeffects when administered orally. Misoprostol isadministered orally in tablet form in a dose of 100 to 200 μg4 times a day to prevent gastric ulceration in susceptibleindividuals who are taking NSAIDs. Misoprostol is combinedwith the NSAID diclofenac (Voltaren) in an analgesic product(Arthrotec by Pharmacia), which is potentially safe for longtermantiarthritic therapy. This prostaglandin derivative absolutelyshould be avoided by pregnant women because of itspotential to induce abortion. In fact, the combined use of intramuscularmethotrexate and intravaginal misoprostol has beenclaimed to be a safe and effective, noninvasive method for thetermination of early pregnancy.

생물학적 활성

Cytoprotective prostaglandin E 1 analog that displays agonist activity at EP receptors. K i values are 120, 250, 67 and 67 nM at cloned mouse EP 1 , EP 2 , EP 3 and EP 4 receptors respectively. Prevents NSAID-induced gastric ulceration.


Misoprostol is absorbed rapidly after oral administration and is hydrolyzed to the active compound. It is metabolized by the liver and excreted mainly in the urine. Adverse effects include crampy abdominal pain, dose-related diarrhea, and uterine contractions. The last-named effect has led to its use in the control of postpartum bleeding.

Veterinary Drugs and Treatments

Misoprostol may be useful as primary or adjunctive therapy in treating or preventing gastric ulceration, especially when caused or aggravated by non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Misoprostol is most useful to prevent GI ulceration or GI adverse effects (anorexia, vomiting) associated with NSAID therapy. While it can be used for treating gastric ulcers, other drugs are probably just as effective and less expensive. It does not appear to be very effective in reducing gastric ulceration secondary to high dose corticosteroid therapy Misoprostol may be efficacious in reducing or reversing cyclosporine- induced nephrotoxicity. More data is needed to confirm this effect.
One study demonstrated that misoprostol can reduce the clinical signs associated with atopy somewhat in dogs.
Misoprostol’s effects on uterine contractibility and cervical softening/ opening make it effective as an adjunctive treatment in pregnancy termination.

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