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Benzothiazole Suppliers list
Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
Tel: +86-371-55531817
Products Intro: Product Name:Benzothiazole
Purity:99% Package:100g,500g,1kg,5kg,10kg
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: CAS:95-16-9
Purity:99% Package:500G;1KG;5KG;25KG
Tel: +86 21 5161 9050/ 5187 7795
Products Intro: CAS:95-16-9
Purity:98% HPLC Package:5MG;10MG;50MG;100MG,1G,5G
Company Name: Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-0551-65418684 18949823763
Products Intro: Product Name:Benzothiazole
Purity:- Package:1ASSAYS;1USD
Company Name: career henan chemical co
Tel: +86-371-86658258
Products Intro: Product Name:Benzothiazole
Purity:98% Package:25KG;100USD

Lastest Price from Benzothiazole manufacturers

  • Benzothiazole
  • US $80.00 / Kg/Drum
  • 2021-04-28
  • CAS:95-16-9
  • Min. Order: 1KG
  • Purity: 99%
  • Supply Ability: 50ctns
  • Benzothiazole
  • US $10.00 / Kg/Bag
  • 2021-04-21
  • CAS:95-16-9
  • Min. Order: 1Kg/Bag
  • Purity: 99%min
  • Supply Ability: 5000
  • Benzothiazole
  • US $0.00-0.00 / Kg
  • 2020-02-26
  • CAS: 95-16-9
  • Min. Order: 100G
  • Purity: 99.0%+
  • Supply Ability: 100 tons
Benzothiazole Basic information
Product Name:Benzothiazole
Synonyms:Benzothiazote ;BENZOTHIAZOLE 96+%;Benzothiazole (6CI,8CI,9CI);Benzothiazole,97%;Benzthiazole;o-2857;USAF ek-4812;usafek-4812
Product Categories:Aromatics;Heterocycles;Building Blocks;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;Thiazoles;Sulfur & Selenium Compounds;BENZOTHIAZOLE;Pharmaceutical Intermediates;Sulphur Derivatives;Organics;Organoborons;A-B;Alphabetical Listings;Flavors and Fragrances
Mol File:95-16-9.mol
Benzothiazole Structure
Benzothiazole Chemical Properties
Melting point 2 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 231 °C(lit.)
density 1.238 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density 4.66 (vs air)
vapor pressure 34 mm Hg ( 131 °C)
refractive index n20/D 1.642(lit.)
Fp >230 °F
storage temp. Refrigerator
solubility 3g/l
form Liquid
color Clear yellow-brown to brown
Odorodor of quinoline, sltly water-sol
explosive limit0.9-8.2%(V)
Water Solubility slightly soluble
Merck 14,1107
JECFA Number1040
BRN 109468
Stability:Stable - regarded as highly persistent in the environment. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Combustion products: nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides.
CAS DataBase Reference95-16-9(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry ReferenceBenzothiazole(95-16-9)
EPA Substance Registry SystemBenzothiazole (95-16-9)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes Xn,T,Xi
Risk Statements 22-20/21/22-36-25-24-20
Safety Statements 23-26-36-36/37-45
WGK Germany 2
RTECS DL0875000
HazardClass 6.1
PackingGroup III
HS Code 29342080
Hazardous Substances Data95-16-9(Hazardous Substances Data)
ToxicityLD50 i.v. in mice: 95±3 mg/kg (Domino)
MSDS Information
Benzothiazole English
SigmaAldrich English
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Benzothiazole Usage And Synthesis
DescriptionBenzothiazole and its derivative are recognized as the most important heterocyclic compounds. This series of compounds is of particular interests. It has various kinds of pharmacological properties and has been included in many kinds of natural products and pharmaceutical agents. The broad spectrum of pharmacological activity in individual benzothiazole derivative enables it to serve as unique and valuable scaffolds for experimental drug design. It is already known that benzothiazole and its derivative has various biological applications including anticancer, antimicrobial, anticonvulsant, antiviral, antidiabetic, antipsychotic, antiinflammatory, analgesic, fungicidal and diuretic. Its derivatives also have many applications in polymer chemistry, dyes, drugs, and silver photography as well as rubber industry.
Chemical Propertiesyellow liquid with an unpleasant odour
Chemical PropertiesBenzothiazole has a delicate, persistent, rose-like odor similar to that of quinoline.
OccurrenceReported found in apricot, cooked asparagus, mozzarella cheese, skim milk powder, roasted beef, beer, malt whiskey, coconut meat, fresh mango, cooked broccoli and kelp.
UsesIn organic synthesis.
UsesVarious benzothiazole-benzamides synthesized were evaluated for their analgesic and antidepressant activities.
DefinitionChEBI: An organic heterobicyclic compound that is a fusion product between benzene and thiazole. The parent of the class of benzothiazoles.
PreparationBy refluxing a mixture of zinc o-aminophenylsulfide and formic acid, followed by steam distillation of the alkalized reaction mixture; by heating formanilid or dimethylaniline with sulfur; by oxidation of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole or of the corresponding disulfide.
Aroma threshold valuesDetection: 80 to 450 ppb
Taste threshold valuesTaste characteristics at 3 ppm: meaty, vegetative, brown, cooked, beefy and coffee-like.
Synthesis Reference(s)Journal of the American Chemical Society, 77, p. 6559, 1955 DOI: 10.1021/ja01629a041
HazardHighly toxic by ingestion.
Safety ProfilePoison by ingestion,intraperitoneal, intravenous, and possibly other routes.When heated to decomposition it emits very toxic fumesof SOx, CN??, and NOx.
ReferencesGupta, Akhilesh, and S. Rawat. "Synthesis and cyclization of benzothiazole." J. of Current Pharmaceutical Research 3.1 (2010): 13-25.
Keri, Rangappa S., et al. "A comprehensive review in current developments of benzothiazole-based molecules in medicinal chemistry." European journal of medicinal chemistry 89 (2015): 207-251.
Khokra, Sukhbir L., et al. "Common methods to synthesize benzothiazole derivatives and their medicinal significance: a review." International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2.6 (2011): 1356.
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