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Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
Tel: +86-371-55531817
Products Intro: Product Name:Enoxacin
Purity:99.00% Package:100g,500g,1KG,10KG,100KG
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: Product Name:Enoxacin
Purity:0.99 Package:25KG,5KG;1KG;500G
Company Name: career henan chemical co
Tel: +86-371-86658258
Products Intro: Product Name:Enoxacin
Purity:98% Package:1KG;1USD
Company Name: Chemwill Asia Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-21-51086038
Products Intro: CAS:74011-58-8
Company Name: Hubei Jusheng Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-18871470254
Products Intro: Product Name:enoxacin
Purity:99% Package:5KG;1KG Remarks:C15H17FN4O3

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  • Enoxacin
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  • 2019-07-06
  • CAS:74011-58-8
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  • Purity: 98%
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Enoxacin Basic information
Product Name:Enoxacin
Synonyms:1-ethyl-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-7-(1-piperazinyl)-1,8-naphthyridine-3-car;at-2266;bactidan;ci919;comprecin;enoram;Enoxacine;Gluconate Norfloxacin
Product Categories:API;Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients;API's;Heterocycles;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals
Mol File:74011-58-8.mol
Enoxacin Structure
Enoxacin Chemical Properties
Melting point 220-224 C
Boiling point 569.9±50.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.2931 (estimate)
storage temp. 2-8°C
Water Solubility 50 mg/ml in 1 M NaOHSlightly soluble in sodium hydroxide, dimethyl sulfoxide, chloroform and methanol. Insoluble in water.
CAS DataBase Reference74011-58-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes Xi
Risk Statements 36/37/38
Safety Statements 26-36/37
WGK Germany 2
RTECS QN2800000
HS Code 29335995
ToxicityLD50 in male, female mice, male, female rats (mg/kg): 327, 391, 236, 294 i.v.; 1237, 1320, >2000, >2000 s.c.; all >5000 orally (Senda)
MSDS Information
Enoxacin English
SigmaAldrich English
Enoxacin Usage And Synthesis
DescriptionEnoxacin is a broad spectrum, quinolone-class, antibacterial agent closely related structurally to nalidixic acid. The serum half-life (6.2 hrs.) and urinary recovery (70%) are considerably greater than for other newer agents of this class, such as norfloxacin (10) and earlier mentioned ciprofloxacin.
Chemical PropertiesOff-White to Pale Yellow Solid
OriginatorDainippon (Japan)
UsesA flurorquinolone antibacterial used to treat urinary tract infections and gonorrhea.
UsesA fluororquinolone antibacterial used to treat urinary tract infections and gonorrhea.
DefinitionChEBI: A 1,8-naphthyridine derivative that is 1,4-dihydro-1,8-naphthyridine with an ethyl group at the 1 position, a carboxy group at the 3-position, an oxo sustituent at the 4-position, a fluoro substituent at the 5-position and a piperazin-1-yl group at the 7 p sition. An antibacterial, it is used in the treatment of urinary-tract infections and gonorrhoea.
Brand namePenetrex (Sanofi Aventis);FLUMARK.
Pharmaceutical ApplicationsA 1,8 naphthyridone derivative available as an oral drug. It exhibits good activity in vitro against many species of Enterobacteriaceae. It is inactive against Ps. aeruginosa, Serratia, Citrobacter, Acinetobacter and Mycobacterium spp., as well as anaerobes, chlamydiae and ureaplasmas.
It is well absorbed and widely distributed when given orally. Absorption is not significantly affected by food, but ranitidine, sucralfate and some antacids or mineral supplements may interfere with absorption. After repeated doses of 400 mg every 12 h for 14 days, mean peak plasma levels reach 3.5–4.5 mg/L, a steady state being achieved in 3–4 days.
Clinical Use1-Ethyl-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-7-(1-piperazinyl)-1,8- naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid (Penetrex) is a quinolone with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity that is used primarily for the treatment of urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Enoxacin has been approved for the treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal urethritis and has also been shown to be effective in chancroid caused by Haemophilus ducreyi. A single 400-mg dose is used for these indications. Enoxacin is also approved for the treatment of acute (uncomplicated) and chronic (complicated) urinary tract infections. Enoxacin is well absorbed following oral administration. Oral bioavailability approaches 98%. Concentrations of the drug in the kidneys, prostate, cervix, fallopian tubes, and myometrium typically exceed those in the plasma. More than 50% of the unchanged drug is excreted in the urine. Metabolism, largely catalyzed by cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver, accounts for 15% to 20% of the orally administered dose of enoxacin. The relatively short elimination half-life of enoxacin dictates twice-a-day dosing for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Some cytochrome P450 isozymes, such as CYP 1A2, are inhibited by enoxacin, resulting in potentially important interactions with other drugs. For example, enoxacin has been reported to decrease theophylline clearance, causing increased plasma levels and increased toxicity. Enoxacin forms insoluble chelates with divalent metal ions present in antacids and hematinics, which reduce its oral bioavailability.
Enoxacin Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsToluene-->Chloroform-->Diethyl malonate-->Ethyl propionate-->Nicotinamide-->Chloranil-->2,6-DICHLORO-3-NITROPYRIDINE
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