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Cefoperazone structure
Chemical Name:
Cefob;l~rdum;Medocef;cefoperazine;Cephaperazon;CEFOPERAZONE;Perocef:Tomabef;Cefobis:Cefogram;CEFOPERAZONE ACID;Cefoperazone free acid
Molecular Formula:
Formula Weight:
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Cefoperazone Properties

Melting point:
169-171 C
pKa 2.6 (Uncertain)
CAS DataBase Reference
62893-19-0(CAS DataBase Reference)


Hazard Codes  Xn
Risk Statements  20/21/22-36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36
RTECS  XI0373900
HS Code  29419000

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Cefoperazone Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

white crystals




ChEBI: A semi-synthetic parenteral cephalosporin with a tetrazolyl moiety that confers beta-lactamase resistance.

brand name

Cefobid (Pfizer).

Antimicrobial activity

A semisynthetic parenteral cephalosporin. It is unstable, losing activity on storage even at –20°C. A formulation with sulbactam is available in some countries.
It exhibits moderate activity against carbenicillin-sensitive strains of Ps. aeruginosa. Activity against Burk. cepacia and Sten. maltophilia is unreliable. It is much less stable to enterobacterial β-lactamases than most other cephalosporins of groups 4–6 and consequently has unreliable activity against many species, including β-lactamase-producing strains of H. influenzae and N. gonorrhoeae. It is active against Achromobacter, Flavobacterium, Aeromonas and associated non-fermenters. Past. multocida is extremely susceptible (MIC <0.01–0.02 mg/L). It exhibits modest activity against most Gram-negative anaerobes, but not B. fragilis. Sulbactam increases activity against many, but not all, enterobacteria and non-fermenters, and almost all B. fragilis.
A 2 g intravenous infusion achieves a peak plasma concentration of 250 mg/L. The plasma half-life is 1.5–2 h. Over 85% is bound to plasma proteins. It achieves therapeutic concentrations in tissue and inflammatory exudates. Variable low levels are found in the sputum up to 1.5% of simultaneous serum levels. Penetration into CSF is unreliable even in the presence of meningeal inflammation.
The bile is a major route of excretion, accounting for almost 20% of the dose. About 20–30% is eliminated in urine, almost entirely by glomerular filtration. Clearance is effectively unchanged by renal failure or dialysis.
Side effects associated with the methylthiotetrazole side chain have been reported. Diarrhea has been notable in some studies. Marked suppression of fecal flora, with the appearance of C. difficile, has occasionally been found. There is a 5–10% incidence of mild transient increases in liver function tests. Its potential toxicity and the availability of compounds with better β-lactamase stability and more reliable antipseudomonal activity have undermined its popularity.

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