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Mol file

라놀린 속성

38-40 °C
0.932-0.945 g/cm3(Temp: 15 °C)
209 °C
chloroform: 0.1 g/mL, clear to faintly turbid (<29 NTU), strongly yellow-green
물리적 상태
Adhering Crystals or Powder
White to yellow
Soluble in ether, petroleum ether, chloroform and petroleum benzene. Sparingly soluble in ethanol. Insoluble in water.
Lanolin (8006-54-0)


안전지침서 24/25
WGK 독일 1
RTECS 번호 OE3201000
자연 발화 온도 833 °F
HS 번호 15050000
유해 물질 데이터 8006-54-0(Hazardous Substances Data)

라놀린 MSDS


라놀린 C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산


면양의 털에서 추출한 기름. 양털 세척시 폐액에서 원심분리하거나 용제추출하여 얻는 양모지가 탈수라놀린이며 이것을 정제한 것이 정제라놀린이다.


정제라놀린은 옅은 황색 연고유사물질로 무취이다. 40℃에서 용융하고 에테르, 클로로포름, 열알코올에 잘 녹으며,물을 2배 더 첨가하더라도 연고모양의 조도(稠度)를 유지한다. 정제라놀린은 지방산과 알코올류가 약 절반씩 포함되어 있는 납모양물질이다.


의약용, 화장품에 사용한다.

화학적 성질

Lanolin is a pale yellow-colored, unctuous, waxy substance with a faint, characteristic odor. Melted lanolin is a clear or almost clear, yellow liquid.

화학적 성질

yellow wax


lanolin (hydrogenated) is a lanolin derivative.


lanolin is an emollient with moisturizing properties and an emulsifier with high water–absorption capabilities. It forms a network on the skin’s surface rather than a film, as is the case with petrolatum (Vaseline.). While long-term studies associate a low incidence of allergic reactions to lanolin, it remains a controversial ingredient based on a potential pesticide content and potential comedogenicity. There is a move among high-quality lanolin manufacturers to produce low-pesticide lanolin and among high-quality cosmetic formulators and manufacturers to use the purist form available. Lanolin’s comedogenicity potential is increasingly debated as some researchers believe it to be inaccurate, especially when lanolin is used in an emulsion. Lanolin is a sheep’s wool derivative formed by a fat-like viscous secretion of the sheep’s sebaceous glands. Some consider it a natural wax.


lanolin wax is a lanolin derivative. This is the semisolid fraction of lanolin obtained by physical means from whole lanolin.

생산 방법

Lanolin is a naturally occurring wax-like material obtained from the wool of sheep, Ovis aries Linne′ (Fam. Bovidae).
Crude lanolin is saponified with a weak alkali and the resultant saponified fat emulsion is centrifuged to remove the aqueous phase. The aqueous phase contains a soap solution from which, on standing, a layer of partially purified lanolin separates. This material is then further refined by treatment with calcium chloride, followed by fusion with unslaked lime to dehydrate the lanolin. The lanolin is finally extracted with acetone and the solvent is removed by distillation.


A yellowish viscous substance obtained from wool fat. It contains cholesterol and terpene compounds, and is used in cosmetics, in ointments, and in treating leather.


lanolin: An emulsion of purified wool fat in water, containing cholesteroland certain terpene alcoholsand esters. It is used in cosmetics.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Lanolin is widely used in topical pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetics.
Lanolin may be used as a hydrophobic vehicle and in the preparation of water-in-oil creams and ointments. When mixed with suitable vegetable oils or with soft paraffin, it produces emollient creams that penetrate the skin and hence facilitate the absorption of drugs. Lanolin mixes with about twice its own weight of water, without separation, to produce stable emulsions that do not readily become rancid on storage.


Lanolin is widely used in cosmetics and a variety of topical pharmaceutical formulations.
Although generally regarded as a nontoxic and nonirritant material, lanolin and lanolin derivatives are associated with skin hypersensitivity reactions, and the use of lanolin in subjects with known sensitivity should be avoided. Other reports suggest that ‘sensitivity’ arises from false positives in patch testing.However, skin hypersensitivity is relatively uncommon; the incidence of hypersensitivity to lanolin in the general population is estimated to be around 5 per million.
Sensitivity is thought to be associated with the content of free fatty alcohols present in lanolin products rather than the total alcohol content.The safety of pesticide residues in lanolin products has also been of concern. However, highly refined ‘hypoallergenic’ grades of lanolin and grades with low pesticide residues are commercially available.


Lanolin may gradually undergo autoxidation during storage. To inhibit this process, the inclusion of butylated hydroxytoluene is permitted as an antioxidant. Exposure to excessive or prolonged heating may cause anhydrous lanolin to darken in color and develop a strong rancidlike odor. However, lanolin may be sterilized by dry heat at 150°C. Ophthalmic ointments containing lanolin may be sterilized by filtration or by exposure to gamma irradiation.

비 호환성

Lanolin may contain prooxidants, which may affect the stability of certain active drugs.

Regulatory Status

Included in the FDA Inactive Ingredients Database (ophthalmic, otic, topical, and vaginal preparations). Included in nonparenteral medicines licensed in the UK. Included in the Canadian List of Acceptable Non-medicinal Ingredients.

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