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PARA CRESIDINE;P-CRESIDINE;CRESIDINE;5-METHYL-O-ANISIDINE;6-METHOXY-M-TOLUIDINE;2-Methoxy-5-methylbenzenamine;6-methoxy-m-toluidine p-cresidine;Krezidin;Kresidin;Krezidine
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2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline Properties

Melting point 50-52 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 235 °C (lit.)
Density 1.0252 (rough estimate)
vapor density 4.7 (vs air)
vapor pressure 2.6Pa at 20℃
refractive index 1.5647 (estimate)
Flash point >230 °F
storage temp. Room Temperature, under inert atmosphere
solubility Chloroform (Slightly), Ethyl Acetate, Methanol (Slightly)
form Crystalline Chunks
pka 4.66±0.10(Predicted)
color Brown to black
Water Solubility Slightly soluble in hot water.
BRN 637071
Stability Air Sensitive
LogP 1.65 at 23℃ and pH7
CAS DataBase Reference 120-71-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
EWG's Food Scores 3
Proposition 65 List p-Cresidine
IARC 2B (Vol. 27, Sup 7) 1987
NIST Chemistry Reference Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-5-methyl-(120-71-8)
EPA Substance Registry System p-Cresidine (120-71-8)


Risk and Safety Statements

Symbol(GHS)  GHS hazard pictogramsGHS hazard pictograms
Signal word  Danger
Hazard statements  H302-H319-H350
Precautionary statements  P201-P301+P312+P330-P305+P351+P338-P308+P313
Hazard Codes  T,Xi
Risk Statements  45-22
Safety Statements  53-45
WGK Germany  3
RTECS  BZ6720000
HazardClass  IRRITANT
HS Code  29222990
Toxicity rat,LD50,oral,1450mg/kg (1450mg/kg),Huntingdon Research Center Reports. Vol. -, Pg. -, 1972.
NFPA 704
2 0

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2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


p-Cresidine is a white crystalline solid.Molecular weight =137.20. Boiling point =235℃;Freezing/Melting point = 52℃; Flash point $ 112℃;Autoignition temperature =450℃. Hazard Identification(based on NFPA-704 M Rating System): Health 2,Flammability 1, Reactivity 0. Practically insoluble in water.

Chemical Properties

brown to black crystalline chunks

Chemical Properties

p-Cresidine is a white crystalline solid.


p-Cresidine is a reagent used in the preparation of enaminones acting as anticonvulsants. Also used in the preparation of crescent oligoamides. Dyes and metabolites, Environmental Testing.


2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline was used in the synthesis of 4-(4-Amino-5-methoxy-2-methylphenylazo)-5-hydroxy-naphthalene-2,7-disulfonic acid. 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline was used to analyse the application of polymeric ionic liquids as selective solid-phase microextraction sorbent coatings for the analysis of genotoxic impurities and structurally alerting compounds such as alkyl halides and aromatics. 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline was used in a study to develop a sensitive analytical method for the determination of aromatic amines found in commercial hair dyes using high liquid chromatography coupled to an electrochemical detector by using the ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide in the mobile phase.


ChEBI: Para-Cresidine is a member of methoxybenzenes.

General Description

White to silver-gray odorless crystals.

Air & Water Reactions

Insoluble in water.

Reactivity Profile

2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline is sensitive to moisture and temperatures greater than 104°F. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents .


A possible carcinogen.

Fire Hazard

2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline is nonflammable.

Safety Profile

Confirmed carcinogen with experimental carcinogenic and neoplastigenic data. Moderately toxic by ingestion. A skin and eye irritant. Mutation data reported. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NOx. See also ESTERS.

Potential Exposure

p-Cresidine is used as an intermediate in the production of various azodyes, printing inks, and pigments; including 11 dyes that are produced commercially in the United States. Human exposure to p-Cresidine occurs primarily through inhalation of

First aid

If this chemical gets into the eyes, remove anycontact lenses at once and irrigate immediately for at least15 min, occasionally lifting upper and lower lids. Seek medical attention immediately. If this chemical contacts theskin, remove contaminated clothing and wash immediatelywith soap and water. Seek medical attention immediately. Ifthis chemical has been inhaled, remove from exposure,begin rescue breathing (using universal precautions, including resuscitation mask) if breathing has stopped and CPR ifheart action has stopped. Transfer promptly to a medicalfacility. When this chemical has been swallowed, get medical attention. Give large quantities of water and inducevomiting. Do not make an unconscious person vomit.
Note to physician: Treat for methemoglobinemia.Spectrophotometry may be required for precise determination of levels of methemoglobinemia in urine.


p-Cresidine is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in experimental animals.


Color Code—Blue (potential carcinogen): HealthHazard/Poison: Store in a secure poison location. Prior toworking with this chemical you should be trained on itsproper handling and storage. Before entering confined spacewhere this chemical may be present, check to make surethat an explosive concentration does not exist. Store intightly closed containers in a cool, well-ventilated areaaway from oxidizers. Store in a refrigerator under an inertatmosphere for prolonged storage. A regulated, marked areashould be established where this chemical is handled, used,or stored in compliance with OSHA Standard 1910.1045.


UN2811 Toxic solids, organic, n.o.s., Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required


Incompatible with oxidizers (chlorates, nitrates, peroxides, permanganates, perchlorates, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, etc.); contact may cause fires or explosions. Keep away from alkaline materials, strong bases, strong acids, oxoacids, epoxides.

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2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline,5-Methyl-o-anisidine, 6-Methoxy-m-toluidine, p-Cresidine 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline 1g [120-71-8] 2-Methoxy-5-methylan BenzenaMine, 2-Methoxy-5-Methyl- 2-Methoxy-5-Methylaniline, 95% 5GR 6-METHOXY-META-TOLUIDINE 2-METHOXY-5-METHYLANILINE / 5-METHYL-O-ANISIDINE p-Cresidine 6-Methoxy-m-toluidine 5-Methyl-o-anisidine 5-Methyl-o-anisidine 6-Methoxy-m-toluidine p-Cresidine Cresidine 2-methoxy-5-methyl-benzenamin 2-methoxy-5-methyl-Benzenamine 1-AMINO-2-METHOXY-5-METHYLBENZENE LABOTEST-BB LTBB000667 c.i. azoic red 83 3-amino-para-cresol,methylether 4-Methyl-2-aminoanisole 5-methyl-o-anisidin 5-methyl-ortho-anisidin Azoic red 36 azoicred36 Krezidin Krezidine m-Amino-p-cresol, methyl ester 2-AMINO-4-METHYLANISOLE 2-METHOXY-5-METHYLANILINE 3-Methyl-6-methoxyaniline 5-Methyl-o-anisidine 3-AMINO-P-CRESOL METHYL ETHER 3-AMINO-4-METHOXYTOLUENE 4-METHOXY-M-TOLUIDINE 4-METHOXY-3-AMINO TOLUENE 4-METHYL-O-ANISIDINE PARA CRESIDINE REGULAR 4-METHOXY-2-METHYLANILINE 98% 4-Cresidine98.5% fordyesanddyesintermediates m-Amino-p-cresol, methyl ether 2-amino-4-methylanisol 2-methoxy-5-methylanilin AKOS BBS-00003649 2-Amino-4-methylphenolmethylether 2-Amino-p-cresol methyl ether 2-Amino-p-cresolmethylether m-amino-p-cresol,methylester meta-amino-para-cresol,methylether NCI-C02982 o-Anisidine, 5-methyl- o-anisidine,5-methyl-(8ci) p-Kresidin 5-METHYL-2-ANISIDINE 2-Methoxy-5-me p-Cresidine Solution, 100ppm 5-Methyl-o-anisidine (NH2=1) 5-Methyl-2-methoxyaniline 5-Methyl-o-anisidine, 6-Methoxy-m-toluidine, p-Cresidine Kresidin 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline,99% 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline,95% 2-Methoxy-5-methyl-phenylamine