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Methyl 4-aminobenzoate

Methyl 4-aminobenzoate Suppliers list
Company Name: Jinan Liheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Tel: 15865262812
Products Intro: Product Name:Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
Purity:0.98 Package:500g;1kg;10kg;100kg Remarks:Off-white crystal
Company Name: Capot Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86-571-85586718 +86(0)13336195806
Products Intro: Product Name:Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
Purity:98%(Min,HPLC) Package:100g;1kg;5kg,10kg,25kg,50kg
Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
Tel: +86-371-66670886
Products Intro: Product Name:Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
Purity:99% Package:100g,500g,1KG,10KG,100KG
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: CAS:619-45-4
Purity:99% Package:500G;1KG;5KG;25KG
Company Name: Hangzhou FandaChem Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 008615858145714
Products Intro: Product Name:Methyl 4-aminobenzoate fandachem
Purity:As coa Package:As request Remarks:619-45-4

Methyl 4-aminobenzoate manufacturers

  • Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
  • $15.00-10.00 / KG
  • 2021-07-13
  • CAS:619-45-4
  • Min. Order: 1KG
  • Purity: 99%+ HPLC
  • Supply Ability: Monthly supply of 1 ton
  • Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
  • $120.00 / Kg/Bag
  • 2020-11-16
  • CAS:619-45-4
  • Min. Order: 1Kg/Bag
  • Purity: 99
  • Supply Ability: 999
Methyl 4-aminobenzoate Basic information
Product Name:Methyl 4-aminobenzoate
Synonyms:benzoicacid,4-amino-,methylester;Methyl aniline-4-carboxylate;Methyl ester of 4-aminobenzoic acid;Methyl ester of p-Aminobenzoic acid;methylaniline-4-carboxylate;p-(Methoxycarbonyl)aniline;p-Aminobenzoic acid methyl ester;p-aminobenzoicacidmethylester
Product Categories:Aromatic Esters;C8 to C9;Carbonyl Compounds;Esters;Aromatic Amino Acids;Pyridines ,Halogenated Heterocycles;CARBOXYLICESTER;Peptide Synthesis;Unnatural Amino Acid Derivatives
Mol File:619-45-4.mol
Methyl 4-aminobenzoate Structure
Methyl 4-aminobenzoate Chemical Properties
Melting point 110-111 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 273.17°C (rough estimate)
density 1.2023 (rough estimate)
refractive index 1.5810 (estimate)
storage temp. Keep in dark place,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
solubility 3.82g/l
form Crystals or Crystalline Powder
pkapK1:2.38(+1) (25°C)
color White to beige
Water Solubility Soluble in alcohol and ether. Slightly soluble in water.
BRN 775913
CAS DataBase Reference619-45-4(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry ReferenceBenzoic acid, 4-amino-, methyl ester(619-45-4)
EPA Substance Registry SystemBenzoic acid, 4-amino-, methyl ester (619-45-4)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes Xi,Xn
Risk Statements 36/37/38-20/21/22
Safety Statements 26-37/39-36/37/39
WGK Germany 3
RTECS DG2900000
HS Code 29224995
MSDS Information
4-Aminobenzoic acid methyl ester English
SigmaAldrich English
ACROS English
ALFA English
Methyl 4-aminobenzoate Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertieswhite to beige crystals or crystalline powder
Synthesis Reference(s)Synthetic Communications, 26, p. 973, 1996 DOI: 10.1080/00397919608003701
Synthesis, p. 23, 1978
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