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질산 알루미늄
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질산 알루미늄
Aluminum nitrate
AL(NO3)3;Nsc143017;Aluminiumnitrat8;ALUMINUM NITRATE;ALUMINIUM NITRATE;nitrato de aluminio;aluminum trinitrate;ALUMINIUMTRINITRATE;ALUMINUM NITRATE SOLUTION;Nitric acid, alumium salt
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질산 알루미늄 속성

물리적 상태
CAS 데이터베이스
13473-90-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
Nitric acid, aluminum salt(13473-90-0)


위험품 표기 O;Xi,Xi,O
위험 카페고리 넘버 8-36/37/38
안전지침서 17-26
유엔번호(UN No.) UN 1438
위험 등급 5.1
포장분류 III
유해 물질 데이터 13473-90-0(Hazardous Substances Data)

질산 알루미늄 MSDS

Aluminum nitrate

질산 알루미늄 C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산

화학적 성질

White crystals. Soluble in cold water, alcohol and acetone; decomposes in hot water.

화학적 성질

Aluminum nitrate is an odorless, white crystalline solid, often in liquid solution


Textiles (mordant), leather tanning, manufacture of incandescent filaments, catalyst in petroleum refining, nucleonics, anticorrosion agent, antiperspirant.

일반 설명

A white, crystalline solid. Noncombustible but can accelerate the burning of combustible materials. If large quantities are involved or the combustible material is finely divided, an explosion may result. Prolonged exposure to fire or heat may result in an explosion. Fires that involve Aluminum nitrate , produce oxides of nitrogen. Uses include, petroleum refining, dyeing, and leather tanning.

공기와 물의 반응

Deliquescent. Water soluble. Aqueous solutions are acidic.

반응 프로필

Aluminum nitrate is an oxidizing agent. Mixtures with alkyl esters may explode. Mixtures with phosphorus, tin(II) chloride or other reducing agents may react explosively [Bretherick 1979 p. 108].


Powerful oxidizing agent. Do not store near combustible materials.


Ingestion of large doses causes gastric irritation, nausea, vomiting, and purging. Contact with dust irritates eyes and skin.

Safety Profile

A poison. A severe eye and mdd skin irritant. A powerful oxidmer. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic NOx. See NITRATES and ALUMINUM COMPOUNDS. A nitrating agent. AHE250

잠재적 노출

Aluminum nitrate is used in tanning leather; as an antiperspirant, as a corrosion inhibitor, in the extraction of uranium and as a nitrating agent

응급 처치

If this chemical gets into the eyes, remove any contact lenses at once and irrigate immediately for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting upper and lower lids. Seek medical attention immediately. If this chemical contacts the skin, remove contaminated clothing and wash immediately with soap and water. Seek medical attention immediately. If this chemical has been inhaled, remove from exposure, begin rescue breathing (using universal precautions, including resuscitation mask) if breathing has stopped and CPR if heart action has stopped. Transfer promptly to a medical facility. When this chemical has been swallowed, get medical attention. Give large quantities of water and induce vomiting. Do not make an unconscious person vomit. Aluminum nitrate poisoning requires special first aid and antidote.

운송 방법

UN1438 Aluminum nitrate, Hazard Class: 5.1; Labels: 5.1-Oxidizer.

Purification Methods

Crystallise the nitrate from dilute HNO3, and dry it by passing dry nitrogen through the crystals for several hours at 40o. After 2 recrystallisations of ACS grade, it had S, Na and Fe at 2.2, 0.01 and 0.02 ppm, respectively.

비 호환성

Aluminum nitrate is a strong oxidizer; avoid contact with flammable or combustible materials; and reducing agents, including chlorides. In solution this chemical is a strong acid; avoid contact with bases. Explosions may occur when aluminum nitrate is shocked or exposed to heat.

폐기물 처리

See Spill Handling above.

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