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Natriumbenzoat Produkt Beschreibung

Englisch Name:Sodium benzoate
Synonyma:Natriumbenzoat;Benzoesäure, Natriumsalz
PUROX S;ucephan;antimol;sobenate;FEMA 3025;BENZOTRON;BENZOTRON(R);benzoansodny;femanumber3025;NATRII BENZOAS
Natriumbenzoat physikalisch-chemischer Eigenschaften
Schmelzpunkt:: >300 °C(lit.)
Dichte: 1,44 g/cm3
Flammpunkt:: >100°C
storage temp. : Store at RT.
Löslichkeit: H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
Aggregatzustand: Crystals, Granules, Flakes or Crystalline Powder
Farbe: White
PH: 7.0-8.5 (25℃, 1M in H2O)
Wasserlöslichkeit: soluble
Merck : 14,8582
BRN : 3572467
Stabilität:: Stable, but may be moisture senstive. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, alkalis, mineral acids.
CAS Datenbank: 532-32-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST chemische Informationen: Sodium benzoate(532-32-1)
EPA chemische Informationen: Benzoic acid, sodium salt(532-32-1)
Kennzeichnung gefährlicher: Xi
R-Sätze:: 36/37/38-62-63-68-36
S-Sätze:: 24/25-36-26
WGK Germany : 1
RTECS-Nr.: DH6650000
TSCA : Yes
HS Code : 29163100
Giftige Stoffe Daten: 532-32-1(Hazardous Substances Data)
Toxizität: LD50 orally in rats: 4.07 g/kg (Smyth, Carpenter)

Natriumbenzoat Chemische Eigenschaften,Einsatz,Produktion Methoden

Chemische Eigenschaften
white crystalline powder
Chemische Eigenschaften
Sodium benzoate is a white crystalline solid. It is odorless and nonflammable
Sodium Benzoate is a preservative that is the sodium salt of benzoic acid. it converts to benzoic acid, which is the active form. it has a solubility in water of 50 g in 100 ml at 25°c. sodium benzoate is 180 times as soluble in water at 25°c as is the parent acid. the optimum functionality occurs between ph 2.5 and 4.0 and it is not recom- mended above ph 4.5. it is active against yeasts and bacteria. it is used in acidic foods such as fruit juices, jams, relishes, and bever- ages. its use level ranges from 0.03 to 0.10%.
A benzene compound used as a synthetic reagent.
sodium benzoate is a non-toxic, organic salt preservative that is particularly effective against yeast, with some activity against molds and bacteria. It is generally used in concentrations of 0.1 to 0.2 percent.
ChEBI: An organic sodium salt resulting from the replacement of the proton from the carboxy group of benzoic acid by a sodium ion.
Antimicrobial agent, flavoring agent and adjuvant in food; not to exceed a maximum level of 0.1% in food (21 CFR, 184.1733, 582.3733). Antifungal and bacteriostatic preservative in pharmaceuticals at concentrations of ~0.1%. Clinical reagent (bilirubin assay).
Staubexplosion der pulverisierten oder granulierten Substanz in Gemischen mit Luft möglich.
Zersetzung beim Erhitzen unter Bildung reizender Rauche.
TLV nicht festgelegt (ACGIH 2005).
MAK nicht festgelegt (DFG 2005).
Use in foods limited to 0.1%.
Eine belästigende Partikelkonzentration in der Luft kann beim Dispergieren schnell erreicht werden, besonders als Pulver.
Die Substanz reizt leicht die Augen.
Persönliche Schutzausrüstung: Atemschutzgerät, P1-Filter für inerte Partikel. Verschüttetes Material in abgedeckten Behältern sammeln.
R-Sätze Betriebsanweisung:
R36/37/38:Reizt die Augen, die Atmungsorgane und die Haut.
R62:Kann möglicherweise die Fortpflanzungsfähigkeit beeinträchtigen.
R63:Kann das Kind im Mutterleib möglicherweise schädigen.
R68:Irreversibler Schaden möglich.
S-Sätze Betriebsanweisung:
S24/25:Berührung mit den Augen und der Haut vermeiden.
S36:DE: Bei der Arbeit geeignete Schutzkleidung tragen.
S26:Bei Berührung mit den Augen sofort gründlich mit Wasser abspülen und Arzt konsultieren.
Poison by subcutaneous and intravenous routes. Moderately toxic by ingestion, intramuscular, and intraperitoneal routes. An experimental teratogen. Experimental reproductive effects. Mutation data reported. Larger doses of 8-10 g by mouth may cause nausea and vomiting. Small doses have little or no effect. Combustible when exposed to heat or flame. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of Na2O. See also BENZOIC ACID.
mögliche Exposition
Sodium benzoate is used as a food and feed additive, flavor, packaging material; pharmaceutical; preservative for food products and tobacco; anti-fungal agent; antiseptic, rust, and mildew inhibitor; intermediate in the manufacture of dyes. Used as a human hygiene biocidal product.
Erste Hilfe
Move victim to fresh air. Call 911 or emergency medical service. Give artificial respiration if victim is not breathing. Do not use mouth-to-mouth method if victim ingested or inhaled the substance; give artificial respiration with the aid of a pocket mask equipped with a one-way valve or other proper respiratory medical device. Administer oxygen if breathing is difficult. Remove and isolate contaminated clothing and shoes. In case of contact with substance, immediately flush skin or eyes with running water for at least 20 minutes. For minor skin contact, avoid spreading material on unaffected skin. Keep victim warm and quiet. Effects of exposure (inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact) to substance may be delayed. Ensure that medical personnel are aware of the material(s) involved and take precautions to protect themselves. Medical observation is recommended for 24 to 48 hours after breathing overexposure, as pulmonary edema may be delayed. As first aid for pulmonary edema, a doctor or authorized paramedic may consider administering a drug or other inhalation therapy.
UN2811 Toxic solids, organic, n.o.s., Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required.
läuterung methode
Crystallise it from EtOH (12mL/g). [Beilstein 9 IV 27.]
Dust may form explosive mixture with air. Incompatible with oxidizers (chlorates, nitrates, peroxides, permanganates, perchlorates, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, etc.); contact may cause fires or explosions. Keep away from alkaline materials, strong bases, strong acids, oxoacids, epoxides.
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