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Tris Base

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Tris Base
Tris Base
Chemical Name:
Tris Base
THAM;TRIS;Tham-E;Trizma;riladyl;thamset;TRISMAT;8VTE 1L;Pehanorm;Talatrol
Molecular Formula:
Formula Weight:
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Tris Base Properties

Melting point:
167-172 °C(lit.)
Boiling point:
219-220 °C10 mm Hg(lit.)
1,353 g/cm3
vapor pressure 
0.0267 hPa (20 °C)
refractive index 
1.4170 (estimate)
Flash point:
storage temp. 
H2O: 4 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
10.5-12.0(4 m in water, 25 °C)
8.1(at 25℃)
PH Range
7 - 9
Water Solubility 
550 g/L (25 ºC)
λ: 260 nm Amax: 0.10
λ: 280 nm Amax: 0.08
Stable. Incompatible with bases, strong oxidizing agents. Protect from moisture.
CAS DataBase Reference
77-86-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference
1,3-Propanediol, 2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-(77-86-1)
EPA Substance Registry System
1,3-Propanediol, 2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)- (77-86-1)
  • Risk and Safety Statements
  • Hazard and Precautionary Statements (GHS)
Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36-37/39-24/25-23
WGK Germany  2
RTECS  TY2900000
HazardClass  IRRITANT
HS Code  29221980
Hazardous Substances Data 77-86-1(Hazardous Substances Data)
Toxicity LD50 orally in Rabbit: > 5000 mg/kg LD50 dermal Rat > 5000 mg/kg
Signal word: Warning
Hazard statements:
Code Hazard statements Hazard class Category Signal word Pictogram P-Codes
H315 Causes skin irritation Skin corrosion/irritation Category 2 Warning P264, P280, P302+P352, P321,P332+P313, P362
H319 Causes serious eye irritation Serious eye damage/eye irritation Category 2A Warning P264, P280, P305+P351+P338,P337+P313P
H335 May cause respiratory irritation Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure;Respiratory tract irritation Category 3 Warning
Precautionary statements:
P261 Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
P264 Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
P264 Wash skin thouroughly after handling.
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P304+P340 IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and Keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.
P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continuerinsing.
P337+P313 IF eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.
P405 Store locked up.

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Sigma-Aldrich 252859 Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane ACS reagent, ≥99.8% 77-86-1 100g $40.7 2018-11-22 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 1698002 Tromethamine United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard 77-86-1 125mg $286.65 2018-11-20 Buy
TCI Chemical A0321 Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane >99.0%(T) 77-86-1 25g $10 2018-11-22 Buy
TCI Chemical A0321 Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane >99.0%(T) 77-86-1 500g $52 2018-11-22 Buy
Alfa Aesar A18494 Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, 99% 77-86-1 100g $24.8 2018-11-13 Buy

Tris Base Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

White crystal or powder. Melting point 171-172℃, boiling point 219-220℃/1.3kPa, soluble in ethanol and water, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, benzene, insoluble in ether, carbon tetrachloride,copper,aluminum corrosion effects,irritant.

Uses of Biology

Tris base, also known as THAM, is widely used as a biological buffer or as a component of buffer formulations such as TAE and TBE buffers. Tris has a pKa of 8.06 and is very useful in the biology and biochemistry lab because it has buffering capabilities in the range of the typical physiological pH of most living organisms (pH 7.0-9.0). Tris has been reported to interfere with the activity of a number of enzymes, it should therefore be used carefully when studying proteins.


1, Tris buffer, only nucleic acids and proteins are widely used as solvents.
2, Tris is used for protein crystal growth under different pH conditions.
3, Tris buffer having a low ionic strength can be used nematode (C. elegans) is formed lamin (lamin) intermediate fibers.
4, Tris is a major component of protein electrophoresis buffer.
5, Tris for the preparation of a surfactant, a vulcanization accelerator, and some drug intermediates.
6, Tris titrated also used as standard.

Chemical Properties

White, crystalline solid. PH (0.1M aqueous solution) 10.6, corrosive to copper, brass, aluminum. Solubility in water 80 g/100 cc (20C). Combustible.


tromethamine can help mask odor in a formulation. It is also used as a buffer, keeping product pH stable.


In the synthesis of surface-active agents, vulcanization accelerators, pharmaceuticals. As emulsifying agent for cosmetic creams and lotions, mineral oil and paraffin wax emulsions, leather dressings, textile specialties, polishes, cleaning Compounds, so-called soluble oils. Absorbent for acidic gases. Biological buffer.

brand name

Tham (Hospira).

Biological Activity

Commonly used laboratory reagent

Purification Methods

TRIS can ordinarily be obtained in highly pure form suitable for use as an acidimetric standard. If only impure material is available, it should be crystallised from 20% EtOH, aqueous MeOH (m 171.1o) or isopropanol (m 172-173o). Dry it in a vacuum desiccator over P2O5 or CaCl2. Alternatively, it is dissolved in twice its weight of water at 55-60o, filtered, concentrated to half its volume and poured slowly, with stirring, into about twice its volume of EtOH. The crystals which separate on cooling to 3-4o are filtered off, washed with a little MeOH, air dried by suction, then finally ground and dried in a vacuum desiccator over P2O5. It has also been recrystallised from water, MeOH or aqueous MeOH, and vacuum dried at 80o for 2 days. [Beilstein 4 H 303, 4 III 857, 4 IV 1903.]

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2018-07-26 Tris(hydroxymethyl)methyl aminomethane THAM
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